Kouri island

The small island connected to the main island by bridge

Kouri island is a small, circular island with a radius of just 1Km.  You can drive around the island in 15 min..  Kouri Ocean Tower, 82m, offers the best views: gaze out across the ocean, and over Kouri bridge back toward the main island.  Okinawan folklore told us that at the birth of mankind a boy and a girl lived in the island.  They grew up, loved each other and became the first ancestors of Okinawan people.  Adding to this romantic imagery, heart-shaped rock at Tinu beach is iconic symbol of the island of lovers.

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/x6mdyJwieVf98tnz7

Fee: 1000JPY for Kouri Ocean Tower

Parking: Available

Contact: Kouri Ocean Tower