Fukugawa waterfall perfect guide

Relatively well maintained path in the jungle

People have different likes and dislikes, but for me the three most beautiful waterfalls in Yambaru are Fukugawa falls, Tha falls and Hiji Otaki falls.  I'll tell you how to get to, equip and enjoy Fukugawa falls.  Fukugawa falls, so called Fungar falls in local dialects, lies in the very remote part of Nago. 

<How to get to Fungar falls>

The first landmark to get to Fungar falls located in Makiya, Nago city, is a sacred place called Uinu-utaki. You can pray for safe travel in the small plaza with worship hall.  Go straight on the narrow road for approximately 3 Km and you will reach the trailhead in about 10 min..  There is a small space for people to park their car.   No vehicles are allowed from here.



Follow the riverside trail to the falls.  You may feel more comfortable if you bring marine shoes, as there is one area you have to cross that may get your shoes wet.  On a normal day it should be about inch or so deep.  If you are planning to swim, don't forget to bring a rash guard, a towel and a change of clothes also.  I walked with drinks, snacks and my cell phone in a waterproof case.  

<Enjoy the falls>

Fungar falls is ideal for families.  The trail is about a 20 minute walk and it is relatively well maintained path in the jungle.  Always be on the lookout for spider webs.  The scenery is beautiful and the sound of the numerous tiny rapids is relaxing to listen to.  Fukugawa river has some small shallow pools for children to play.  The river water is cold, so take your time until your body gets used to it.  Please be careful no to go too close to the waterfall basin.  Have fun in the waterfall while taking care of your safety for yourselves.