Okrareruka/Iris Flowers in Okinawa

A breathtaking natural spectacle

Aside from the Kijoka Falls, the town of Kijoka, Ogimi also hosts a very beautiful green field full of purple irises. The general blooming time for these flowers is between the late month of March through early to mid-April. Just like the cherry blossoms, timing is critical if you want to see these flowers in their best performance. Igimitiguma, the craftwork exhibit of Ogimi is held every year in Iris blossom season. Many workshops which are active mainly in Ogimi sell their products like pottery, woodworking, weaving and dyeing. 

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/MNJhSaFjijKhwXex9

Parking: Available, Free parking

Contact: Ogimi tourist association